Emergency Services Academy Finland (ESAF)

Emergency Services Academy Finland (ESAF)



Emergency Services Academy Finland (ESAF) provide vocational education for firefighters, sub-officers, fire officers and emergency response centre operators in Finland. ESAF also offer a wide variety of specially tailored further training and in-service training for national and international professionals in the rescue and emergency field. ESAF are also responsible for the training and recruitment of Finnish experts to international civil protection and humanitarian aid support missions.

Involvement with SBP


The Emergency Services Academy Finland (ESAF) is a governmental organization under the Ministry of Interior Finland. Since 2019, Emergency Services Academy Finland has been responsible for international civil protection and humanitarian aid support missions.

Discussion to participate in international operations after natural - or manmade disasters will be done case by case - bases upon request from UN, EU or NATO.

The ESAF operates a roster with a total of 134 active members. All roster members have gone through a recruitment process and have attended induction and specific mission trainings. ESAF contribution to the international response can be also carried out within the cooperation of International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP).

ESAF has been contributing and engaging with the SBP Network in the following ways:

  1. Participation and active engagement in at least one of the existing Working Groups.

  2. Participation and engagement at the Annual Consultation and Mid-Annual Consultation.

Available deployable profiles

  1. Camp Technician

  2. ICT Experts

  3. Logistics Experts

  4. Assessment and Coordination Experts

  5. Safety Officers

  6. WASH – emerging

  7. Green technology - emerging

UN Partners

  1. WFP

The Standby Partnership (SBP) Network is  an initiative composed of participating Donors, Non-Profit Organizations, Private Sector Companies and UN agencies providing critical surge support in humanitarian crisis and emergencies globally.

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