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WFP SBP Stories: Oscar Gobatto, Information Management Expert (Venezuela)

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Since 1991 WFP collaborates with a vast network of Standby Partners consisting of public and private organizations complementing WFP’s operational capacity by providing staffing, equipment, and services. Standby Partnerships are activated in various job positions and provide crucial support to WFP operations in emergencies or when WFP needs specific technical expertise. In 2021, 104 experts supported 37 Country Offices, 5 Regional Bureaux, and Headquarters. To request and deploy experts Standby Partners please reach out to WFP Standby Partnerships team in the Emergency Operations Division at:


Venezuela is facing an extended socioeconomic crisis resulting in hyperinflation, leaving over five million individuals in need of humanitarian assistance (HRP, 2022-2023). In April 2021, WFP and the Venezuelan government signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) allowing WFP to establish a presence in the country to provide critical humanitarian assistance to vulnerable communities through food programs and logistical support to the overall humanitarian response.

Oscar Gobbato, a highly seasoned Information Management Officer was seconded by iMMAP in April 2022 through the Standby Partnership Programme (SBP) to WFP´s Logistics Cluster in Venezuela with the aim of supporting the IM unit. Read his story on iMMAP's website.

© Oscar Gobbato, September 2022, Venezuela



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