"The purpose of the SBP Network is to foster the implementation of best practices and new solutions to improve preparedness and response capacity and the care of the deployment personnel through collectively engaging the knowledge, skills, experience and unified voice of the network."

"High quality personnel consistently available for support to humanitarian action through organizational engagement and collective preparedness is our vision." 

About the Standby Partnership

The Standby Partnership (SBP) is a network of bilateral agreements between organisations and United Nations (UN) agencies. The partnership commenced in 1991 in response to the humanitarian crisis in Iraq where it was necessary for the United Nations (UN) to rapidly increase its human resources at short notice.


Today it comprises a range of partners which provide support to UN agencies responding to humanitarian emergencies throughout the world via the secondment of gratis personnel. Each Standby Partner maintains its own roster of humanitarian experts who are called upon to fill staffing needs and gaps in UN operations.

In 2016 partners supported over 1100 requests for technical expertise.

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