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There are many ways of getting involved with the SBP Network.  

As an organisation, you can become a member of the SBP Network through signing of a bilateral agreement with participating UN Agencies if your organisation meets the requirements of what is expected from a Standby Partner.  

If you are already a member of the SBP Network, you can become an Active Member by fulfilling the criteria set here.  

If you are interested in providing in-kind and/or financial contribution to the SBP Network please kindly follow the steps below: 


Roster Agency Contacts

Expression of Interest

If you would like to contribute by joining any of the Working Groups or the Steering Committee in the future, please send a message to us below: 

If you would have any queries on how to become a Standby Partner, please send us a message. We will direct you to the right focal points from UN Agencies that will contact you: 

There are over 50 Standby Partners around the world that deploy individual experts to participating UN Agencies. Many of these organisations also have other initiatives that involve deployments and provision of selected expertise that sit outside the scope of the Standby Partnership Programme mechanismarrangements. If you would like to start discussions with any of these organisations, but unsure to whom or where to start, please let us know and we will connect you to appropriate focal points in our membership. You can start this by filling out the form below, or go to our Standby Partners page to see if there are any organisations you might be interested in joining.  

The Standby Partnership (SBP) Network is  an initiative composed of participating Donors, Non-Profit Organizations, Private Sector Companies and UN agencies providing critical surge support in humanitarian crisis and emergencies globally.

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